Feel the Force… Of New SharePoint

Okay, Yes… I was attempting to be hokey since it is May the 4th, or Star Wars Day for all you SharePoint Jedi type out there. I’m excited to be looking over the changes released in SharePoint earlier today… Holy UX upgrade man! Finally!

Here’s a couple highlights I’m digging from today’s sessions

  1. The attempt to seamlessly integrate the new mobile app to the desktop version of SharePoint, which it’s about time.
    What I’m loving here is the ease of design and ability to leverage web parts on both the desktop and mobile end. At my organization we have been beginning to tap the surface of the mobile device world the new feeling of SharePoint Mobile and SharePoint desktop is really important to us moving forward. Since we are fairly young to the game we won’t have to worry about much resistance on the change front.  If your interested in checking out the ease of finding sites, documents, and people on the new SharePoint Mobile App for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Check out this quick video by Microsoft Mechanics for the details. 
  2. Creating attractive sites to share information with your team.
    Plain and simple. The level of usability seems to be of the charts, this is going to play a big part in making organizations display of information quick and easy for end-users. Check out the new site building features.

Overall, I’m excited to see how these new features will impact our organization. Let me know if you have any thoughts on how you’re going to utilize these new features, and check out the entire video set of The Future of SharePoint.  Till next time… may the force be with you!



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